'Protogenesis: Before the Beginning' by Alysia Helming

Wonder Woman and Harry Potter ushered in a new era! "Protogenesis" expands the horizon even further. Early reviews suggest extraordinary critic acclaim. 

In "Protogenesis," cultural fiction and ancient mythology converge in modern-day Greece. The novel follows Helene, an American teenage girl whose entire life is thrown into disarray when her mother suddenly disappears. She moves to Greece to live with a relative and must navigate how to fit in her new life and transform into the powerful woman she is. Here, she faces all the usual travails of being a teenager: adjusting to a new school, learning and fitting into a new culture, and navigating her love life. While investigating her mother's disappearance, Helene discovers a portal to another world, where Greek mythology comes to life.

I love strong women, and Helene embodies that. This book is a great reminder to dream deep.

Whitney Reynolds, Host, The Whitney Reynolds Show

Over 500 people in Greece have contributed to the author's research for the "Protogenesis" novel, including renowned Greek archaeologists, cultural and mythology experts, and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

Alysia Helming is an American novelist, president of "Protogenesis" Media and Executive Producer of the short film series Footsteps in Athens which bring to life a selection of the book's most intriguing scenes showcasing real-life experiences in Greece. With her extensive business background in renewable energy, Helming currently serves on the Board of Pristine Sun and has over 25 years' experience as CFO to four companies. She provides internal and external advisory services to CFOs & CEOs for Fortune 500, including Jacuzzi, Bushnell, Wells Fargo, Hallmark Cards, DST Systems and Exelon.

Kostas Martakis is an award-winning Platinum Greek Recording Artist, Model, Television Star, and Actor.  Kostas was named by E! Entertainment as one of the "25 Most Sexy Men in the World", they described him as a "Greek God." Kostas's new hit single "Forever & Tonight" was written for the book "Protogenesis," for its release in the United States. Featuring dance by Jennifer Stahl, Principal Dancer of the San Francisco Ballet.

Source: Marianne Pestana Public Relations