Ancient Secrets of Manifesting Have Been Masterfully Revealed in This Award Winning Book!

This is the breakthrough book that describes for the first time how your thoughts create anything. Finally, indispensable knowledge that explains the act of creation itself.

​​​​​​​Have you ever had the sense that your thoughts might actually be doing something?

Imagine you are a genie and everything you wish begins to form up right in front of you.  First is your thought and thought creates form.  From Ken Elliott’s personal experiences and the stories in this book, you will learn exactly how your thoughts take form and how to efficiently and simply put it to work for you.  You have been creating like this all your life, but it has never been fully explained for you until now.  This is that rare book with new evidence that will change your view of the world. For 20 years, Ken has experienced sending objects in thought and having them appear in real-time.

"Ken Elliott tackles the art of manifesting with a touch of humor and down-to-earth common sense. Read this book, practice the techniques and live the life you could only imagine."

William Buhlman, Author of the International Bestselling Books, Adventures Beyond the Body and Secrets of the Soul

At last, this most elemental of ancient Secrets is revealed;  how your thoughts are constantly shaping the reality around you. This is the game changer that explains how manifesting and the law of attraction actually work.

Manifesting 123 is a results oriented book using simple techniques. It is filled with amazing stories from people describing their successes using the simple methods taught by Ken. Common comments are, “This is so simple,” "It just works!” “The best book I have read on the subject." 

Do you long for more? What would you wish for if you had the chance? You will soon learn how to create the desires of a lifetime while overcoming the worries and blocks that impede your happiness. You will fully understand how to use thought as a simple and powerful tool. No more wishing and hoping for results, you are the genie!

This important book contains a Key to the Kingdom and now it is simply and amazingly yours. Get your copy and start pointing yourself toward happiness! 

Praise for Manifesting 123 Amazon 5-stars!

“This is brilliant! Ken not only learned about manifesting, he changed his own life using the techniques you will learn here. The simple and profound gift of this book could only come from a masterful ability to teach what took him many years to learn. Begin changing your life today.”  Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC

“Through life’s journey, we come upon special people who greatly impact our lives. Ken Elliot is one of those extraordinarily gifted individuals. His insight and vision contained in his book will change your life forever”  Lynn Van Praagh Gratton


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