An Artist's Journey Through Wonderland by Katie Fowler

An Artist's Journey Though Wonderland by Katie Fowler is a parable of the creative process and the wonderful examples of literary non- sense that impede creative endeavors. Katie's book works as an effective & dynamic tool for overcoming the mysterious and non-linear blocks within the creative process.

In search of creative courage? An Artist's Journey Through Wonderland by Katie Fowler takes readers down the rabbit hole of how to face creative blocks and provides the tools to move forward!

Using the story of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as an outline for the creative process, Katie inspires readers to begin creative endeavors by removing fear and procrastination and to boldly move forward.

"Readers looking for a short burst of creative inspiration may be prompted by this whimsical pat on the back."

Kirkus Review, of An Artist's Journey Through Wonderland

In this simple read, Katie defines how to overcome creative fears by naming the monsters that terrorize creativities from action: Dobie Doubter, Bully B*tch, Fluke Flinger, Poser Dozer, and Evil Dictator, the “creativity crushers” or the mental roadblocks in the artistic process. Going down the rabbit hole with Katie offers readers the opportunity to shift perspective of how to view creative approaches from struggle to one of magic and joy!

One of the lasting lesson of this book is that “Fear tells us we can’t lose if we don’t play; we can’t fail if we don’t try. Now isn’t that just silly?” 

The Wonderland parable carries through to the end and the messages contained within this book are enthusiastic, humorous and empowering.  Katie’s inspiring advice is basically what creative types need to hear and take to heart;  How creativity isn't a competition and that mistakes do happen!  Katie describes the time she spilled paint on her artwork and turned the disaster into a beautiful creation. An Artist's Journey Through Wonderland urges readers to embrace these mistakes and see the beauty that is created from it! 

Katie Fowler MEd, a highly sought after certified creativity coach, award winning artist, bestselling author and TV personality, says, “Imagination is one of my favorite destinations.”

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